Access_key header is not valid


I tried to make payments but I get the message: “access_key header is not valid”. When I try to use the sandbox keys it does work, so the code should be good(?)

I checked the keys multiple times and they’re correct

Does someone have an idea what this could be?


Hey, @RW_W welcome to the community! So I had this error the other day myself and I had switched the keys. Can you make sure the keys which you already verified are correct are in the right order? If you can give us a screenshot without your keys of the code we can have someone take a look as well if the switching of keys doesn’t solve your challenge. @drew

Hi @RW_W just checking in to see if you still had any questions.

When you get your access keys from the Client Portal, make sure you are getting the sandbox keys - flip the toggle at the lower left of the page. The production keys won’t work in the sandbox!

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