50 Years Ago: Man on the Moon

This was found recently at my university’s recycling center. Although Neil Armstrong landed on July 20, the newspaper came out the next day, July 21, 1969.

Here is something fun we found in the recycling today and on the anniversary of the landing! pic.twitter.com/UbpULfm5hD

— MSU Recycling (@MSU_Recycling) July 20, 2022

Technically, was Neil the first or was it Buzz Aldrin? Apparently no one was holding the camera but did they have to mount it after landing or did it endure take-off and landing?


Gee, you’d think that after an achievement like that, SUNNY and STATE would be household names!

It seems that no one wants to touch this, well my answer is a question,

What battery technology was available to keep the astronaut space suit air conditioned and heated during the lunar expedition?

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There were no Alien greys taking pics it was a camera on the Descent Stage of the Lunar Module taking the picture and controlled by Buzz Aldrin

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