🎁 Win a Swag Kit - Post this event on your social and you could win a Rapyd t-shirt!

Post this registration link on social media and use the hashtag #rapydDevs you could win a swag kit that contains stickers, a t-shirt, and other Rapyd Developer Community artifacts! :gift: Rememer you have to use the hashtag or we will not know how to track your post. :slight_smile:

Just copy and paste text below!

:beers::pizza: If you are in London – on 23 Feb – be sure and pop over to 45 Folgate and hang out with the JSMonthly Meetup crew and @rapyddevs

Details: JSMonthly Feb Meetup win tickets for CityJS , Thu, Feb 23, 2023, 7:00 PM | Meetup


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