When does the "Build a climate fintech app" hackathon end?

I keep seeing conflicting dates as to when it ends, is there something im not getting? Also, is this one of the competitions that gives you a shot at the ticket to space?


Hi @Running_Forver, you can check the official hackathon website here: https://rapyd.hackerearth.com/

Some of the different dates on other websites may refer to past hackathons, or previous plans where the hackathons are no longer hosted.

The Hack the Galaxy website refers to the challenges solved here in community.

Thanks a lot for the reply!

One last thing that wasnt all the way clear to me:

In the rules, it doesn’t say this time one has to use the rapyd api. Is that just a given since rapyd is the creator of the hackathon or are also submissions without the rapyd api allowed?

Thanks @Running_Forver, the Rapyd API will necessary as they will be judged accordingly on how projects implemented code and the API.

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@Kyle when are the winners announced ?

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Hi @codeaxen, thanks for asking, after the new year. We answered this in discord as well.

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thanks a lot @Kyle for the info…

hello @Community_Team what happened to last Harkthorne which we participated in?

Hi @codeaxen, winners were announced via email. If you go to the HackerEarth page they are there.