What do you think the best coding language is?

I personally think JavaScript is pretty nice for some things, but python is much nicer to use!

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I agree Python has been a top language for a few years and has a reliable syntax. Here’s an article our team wrote about Python for eCommerce.

Python is 100% the nicest to use but Java probably has one of the most uses so often Java is the best. (honorable mention: Brainfuck)


Kotlin(java but fixed)
C# ( kotlin but better)

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I’ll probably receive a bit of hate for this, but python is overrated and javascript is a nightmare to work with.
In my opinion, there’s no “superior general purpose” language, but it really depends on what you’re building. so those are my favorites:

  • TypeScript - for web development. I am aware that its basically javascript, but the type inference makes it a bit easier to spot bugs, and there’s no other real alternative.

  • Kotlin - honestly its my favorite language overall, as it has very clean syntax and very useful language features. it is mostly useful for backend (and android apps of course).

  • Rust - when you require high performance or low level, it is the obvious choice. its type and memory safety (and the absent null values) are making it very pleasant to work with, unlike C/C++.

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Lmao, yeah brainfuck is amazing at everything and nothing at all.

Would you agree that C# is better than kotlin?

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Not necessarily. it has better performance, but I can’t really see how is it better apart from that.
Though as I said, its always about the use case, and obviously C# is very good for some things:

  • High Level Development of Games / Game Engines and Performance Sensitive Applications
  • Desktop Applications (Though these are getting less fashionable)
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