The ability to implement the following payment scheme. the ability to apply it to another type of business

Hi guys. One question. We are developing an application in which it is necessary to implement such a payment scheme. Is it possible to do this? Whether it would be applicable for another type of business?

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Thanks for asking @AEthing. This looks like the payment scheme is possible. Would this be a payment collection, or a payout to employees, sellers, etc?

If you do transfers using a Rapyd Wallet within the Rapyd ecosystem the funds will move faster and will be very cost-effective. The customers/recipients could also choose their delivery, (e.g. ACH, bank transfer, push to card).

I’m not sure if understand your last question, but in general, yes, this could apply to another type of business. You payment or payout types may vary depending on the type business you are doing.

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This is not only possible but quite easy to implement. For the first part (collection), you collect money from the business using cash, card, bank transfer or whatever payment method works best. For the second part (disbursement) , you have a few options:

You can split the collection 4 ways - one to your company and the others to the ‘customers’. This is the simplest solution.

Or you can collect the money into your company’s wallet, then transfer the relevant amounts straight into the wallets of each of the customers. You might want to use this scenario if your accountants prefer it this way.

Finally, you can pay out to the three customers using disbursements (also known as “payouts”). This payout process deposits the money directly to the customers’ cards, bank accounts or local eWallets. I think even cash might be supported in some countries. This wasn’t exactly what you were asking, but it’s an alternative you could consider.

Using different combinations of Rapyd features, you can put together any configuration you want. So in answer to your last question, whatever type of business you have in mind, you can put together a funding solution.

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