September 2023 Rapyd Product Changelog: VA Optional Currency, Malaysian Payout Method Type, Rapyd Verify

Learn recent updates with Virtual Accounts for Disburse and how you can set an optional requested currency, Global Swift is available for NZ (New Zealand) and NZD (New Zealand Dollar), the Malaysian Payout Method Type has been aggregated to a new format, and an improved user flow is live for Rapyd Verify.
:studio_microphone: Kyle Pollock - DevRel at Rapyd

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:open_book: Table of contents

00:00 Overview
00:5 VA for Disburse - Optional Requested Currency
00:45 Global Swift - NZ (New Zealand) and NZD (New Zealand Dollar)
00:58 Bank Level Payout Format Aggregation
01:58 Rapyd Verify Improved User Flow
02:20 Recap & Outro

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