Room booking app: need product suggestions

I need some suggestions. So basically I have something like a “room booking app” and I need to essentially take a deposit on the room, but not the full price, up front. The room costs $150, and $50 of that is taken as a deposit with remainder of $100 paid on day of booking. What is the best rapyd product to use in this case??

Thanks, @juliapak, placing the response from discord below to get this going here.

You can also use the Checkout Page to create a capture: false payment request.

Re @CharlesDorsett: You have options - which one is best depends on you and your priorities:

  • Create Card Payment with capture set to false - amount is the whole 150, and you capture the correct amount when the guest leaves - could be more or less than the 150 - use Capture Payment

  • Create one payment for 50 using any type of payment method, then another one for the balance when the guest leaves.

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