Rapyd Unleashes Fintech Insights at WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023

Berlin, July 27-28, 2023 — WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023 witnessed a whirlwind of developers coming together in a vibrant community alongside insightful lessons and fun competition. The event, attended by over 11,000 developers from across the globe, featured many speakers, including from Stripe, Stackoverflow, Github, and several leaders across industries.

In a display of boldness and direct vision, Arik Shtilman, the CEO and Co-Founder of Rapyd, took the stage to talk about Rapyd’s expansion to over hundreds of countries in the global market from a single consumer mobile app that failed. With his own persistent energy, Shtilman painted a vivid picture of the fintech revolution and how developers are at the forefront of disrupting the future of commerce. Every business accepts or moves funds through their platform, and are a part of a critical fintech value exchange. Drawing inspiration from the words of tech luminary Marc Andreessen, Shtilman set the tone sharing how powerful AI will become to shape our workforce—those who tell computers what to do and those who are told what to do by computers. Arik also emphasized at the pace we have seen the global digital commerce in the last three years, the next decade driven by Fintech and Artificial Intelligence is exponentially larger.

Fintech: The Fourth Universal Platform

As Arik dug into the core of his keynote, it became evident that fintech is not just a buzzword; it is a driving force behind the evolution of commerce. The impact of fintech is evident in every corner of the digital world, from online gaming to marketplaces and from ride-sharing to entertainment platforms. From internet connectivity to cloud software as a service, to mobile ubiquity and now the new frontier of fintech—Shtilman asserted that fintech has now become the fourth platform, powering the value exchange and movement of funds across all aspects of our lives.

Arik also led a firesite sitting down with Mike Butcher, the Editor in Chief TechCrunch EU. Both discussed fintech disruption, and how companies that have partnered with fintech solutions have been greatly successful, and what the future will hold for businesses integrating payments.

A Thrilling Competition: Rapyd Checkout Challenge

On the conference exhibit floor, Rapyd rolled out a realm of excitement and competition with a Rapyd Checkout Challenge for attendees. As Rapyd held the checkout challenge right in the exhibit area, attendees were drawn by the alluring prize—an opportunity to visit one of the Rapyd developer centers. All developers were invited to put their skills to use and test their technical prowess in creating quick and user-friendly checkout processes.

The competition ignited a sense of camaraderie among participants, as developers worked diligently on the integration, filling in any open seats throughout the Rapyd exhibit area. It was a gathering of creativity and problem-solving, with each participant working through their unique knowledge in API integrations, Request Signatures and fintech.

WeAreDevelopers also hosted a coding competition called CODE100, in which participants would compete for a grand prize by testing ​​their technical proficiency, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Teams worked with APIs, answered questions in coding quizzes, and completed team-work based challenges.

Rapyd Sessions: Payouts, Developer Experience, and Rapyd API Integration

Rapyd’s exhibit was filled with competition and an immersive learning experience. It hosted sessions that involved live demos and developer tips on building with fintech. Rapyd’s different sessions looked into the usefulness of global payouts, the developer experience, and the seamless integration with the Rapyd API. Developers and industry enthusiasts gathered to learn from each Rapyd speaker about the products, resources, and insights into Rapyd’s developer-friendly platform.

Amit Cohen, Director of Product, DevRel & Channels, and Nirit Markovich, Product Manager of Developer Platform, shared about the Rapyd developer experience—underscoring Rapyd’s commitment to empowering developers with a seamless and rewarding journey. The session revealed insights into Rapyd’s developer-friendly tools, documentation, and support, ensuring developers have everything they need to unlock fintech potential easily.

Shaul Efraim, Software Architect at Rapyd, hosted a few developer sessions about the power of payouts and how to integrate with the Rapyd API. Attendees learn how to get started with fintech and how Rapyd’s powerful API suite unlocks a world of possibilities. Shaul offered hands-on guidance and real-life use cases, illustrating the transformative impact of integrating with the Rapyd ecosystem.

Further talks were led by Mark Khotin, R&D Tech Lead, and Shiri Sadeh, Developer at Rapyd. Live demos included integration with the Rapyd API using code samples and no-code solutions using the Rapyd Client Portal and Plugins.

A Future Fueled by Fintech Innovators

As the event drew close, attendees expressed their enjoyment and gratitude for being part of the WeAreDevelopers community. The conference served as a platform for familiar faces to reunite and for new connections to be made, creating a larger network of developers eager to support one another.

With hearts full of inspiration, attendees bid farewell to one another, carrying new ideas, invaluable insights, and a sense of belonging to a global community of developers. The event’s success reaffirmed the power of collaboration, the potential of technology to drive positive change, and the journey for each developer that can often cross paths with other developers from all corners of the world.

If you want to start building, you can sign up in the Rapyd Client Portal to begin testing with Rapyd, the one platform to accept, send, and hold funds globally.