Rapyd Hackathon: Build the Best Payment App

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Link and challenge will be posted June 9 :thinking:


@Drew - according to https://www.hackthegalaxy.dev/ - it looks like June 16 - was this date changed?

Thanks, @CharlesDorsett – we will be sharing the challenge later today! However, coding begins June 16 - we just want to give our community early access to the challenge so they can really plan and get ahead before writing fresh code next Thursday!


Okies - I updated my comment. Now you’ve got ME drooling over it. Maybe I can secretly check on my phone during the Jurassic Park movie tonight …

Here is a video on Virtual Accounts and Rapyd Wallets to help get you up to speed on the requirements for htg2.devpost.com

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Sam talks about his experience in the Build the Best Payment App hackathon using #virtual-accounts

Jon and Weston share about Flash Order, a multi-vendor platform that makes digital ordering easier to integrate into every transaction. Jon and Weston both live in Utah and competed in the Rapyd Hackathon: Build Galaxy’s Best Payment App to become one of the winners.

Atif explains his project, Invoice Station, and how he used Rapyd Virtual Accounts for the Rapyd Hackathon: Build Galaxy’s Best Payment App. Atif lives in Amsterdam and believes developers are making a difference throughout the world as proven by the advancements of tech companies.