Rapyd Bytes: CURL Request Signature Using Python

Rapyd Bytes: CURL Request Signature Using Python

In this video, you’ll learn about how to connect with the Rapyd API using CURL and Python. Follow along as we calculate the Request Signature in Python and generate the headers to use GET List Payments in CURL.


Kyle Pollock - DevRel Specialist at Rapyd



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Table of contents

00:00 Overview
00:13 Documentation - List Countries
00:44 Get Started - Sample Integrations
00:50 Github - Rapyd Curl Request Signature
01:00 Terminal - Clone Github
02:18 Terminal - Open rapyd_curl_gen.py file
02:21 rapyd_curl_gen.py - Input API Keys
03:12 Terminal - Generate Python Request Signature
03:45 Copy and Paste CURL Request - List Countries
04:12 Terminal - List Countries Response
04:54 Recap & Outro

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