Platform integration - Setting sellers as MOR (Merchant of Record)

Hey everyone,

We’re looking for platform integration.

Basically, our platform acts as software that facilitates a transaction between a buyer and a seller, our platform takes a cut in the middle.
Stripe (to add more context) handles this integration with: Connect Express + Destination Charge + on_behalf_of (a parameter referring to the seller).

My question is: can and how do we set, on Rapyd, a seller as the MOR?
The flow of funds: buyer pays the seller, our platform takes a cut in the middle and sets the seller as the MOR.

Heartfelt thanks,

Thanks @fabiocapodagli, after checking in with one of our product managers who I believe you may have spoken with, setting a specific seller as the MOR (Merchant of Record) may depend on your exact use case.

Rapyd Verify could be used to onboard a seller with a business wallet. The name from the business wallet can potentially be used as the sub-MOR. However, this is where it may vary depending on the use case with who is the “MOR”:

  1. Org/Client Wallet as the MOR (Rapyd Client) - This use case could work if the Seller is onboarded directly by Rapyd.
  2. Business Wallet as basis for MOR or Sub-MOR - This use case may work, but also may have quite a few integrations that do now allow seller as MOR.

By default Rapyd is set as the MOR, but the above are two cases where the business or seller could be the MOR while I understand you will take a small cut.