Paying Invoices With FX

I am trying to create a solution that can allow paying for invoices using FX.

Here is my use case:

I have a software company based in Europe and I only accept EUR. I have a customer from the US who wants to create a subscription and they have a payment method that only supports US dollars, for example, us_debit_visa_card. I have created a plan for the subscription:

“currency”: “EUR”,
“interval”: “month”,
“amount”: 1199,
“product”: “product_06fe6578a21b3597044899b570905176”,
“aggregate_usage”: “sum”,
“billing_scheme”: “per_unit”,
“nickname”: “Amazing Software plan”,
“trial_period_days”: 0,
“usage_type”: “licensed”

Now when I try to create the subscription for the US-based customer, I get this error:

status: ‘ERROR’,
message: ‘The request tried to set a payment method for a subscription, but the payment method does not support the currency in the plan for a subscription item. The request was rejected. Corrective action: Choose a payment method that supports the currency of the subscription item.’,
operation_id: ‘29bb39f9-7121-4d26-909a-aac5d032af06’

Any pointers on how I should integrate payment with FX here to solve this?

Thank you!

Thanks @Kevin_Kimani, if it is a card payment. FX could work within the card network if they pay USD to EUR.

However, I am following up with the PM to see if there is an available USD to EUR FX option for a subscription payment.

Thank you, Kyle. Please let me know ASAP.

I have combed through the docs several times and I cannot see instructions on how to integrate payment with FX into invoices. From what I have learned in the docs, it is only possible to include this feature when you’re create the payment request manually. Subscriptions/Invoices create the payment “object” automatically and there is no way to edit it to use FX.

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Thanks @Kevin_Kimani, I confirmed with a PM, that subscriptions, and invoices with FX are not available yet. However there are plans to make it available in the future. You can always open up a topic here in community and tag is Feedback | General under API.

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