Meetup Recap: Make Money with Software

Recently, a group of developers gathered for a meetup hosted by CityJS, with Rapyd as the sponsor. The meetup was an excellent opportunity for developers to learn more about the fintech industry and discuss how to make money with payment solutions.

As the event kicked off, @uxdrew and @Shaul_Efraim gave a presentation on the importance of payments in the fintech industry. They emphasized that payments are a critical component of any fintech product or service and that the success of fintech companies largely depends on how they handle payments.

The presentation sparked a lively discussion among the developers. They shared their own experiences with payment solutions and talked about the challenges they faced while implementing them. The developers also discussed the different types of payment solutions available in the market and which ones would be best suited for their projects.

During the meetup, the developers were introduced to the Rapyd Payments API, which enables businesses to accept and disburse payments in multiple currencies and payment methods worldwide. The Rapyd Payments API is a comprehensive payment solution that is easy to integrate with any fintech application, making it an attractive option for developers.

The developers also got to learn about Rapyd Collect, a payment solution that enables businesses to collect payments from customers via bank transfers, e-wallets, and other payment methods. With Rapyd Collect, businesses can easily accept payments from customers all over the world, making it an ideal solution for companies that want to expand their customer base.

In addition to learning about the Rapyd payment solutions, the developers also talked about how to monetize their fintech projects. They shared their ideas and discussed the different business models that could be used to generate revenue. Some of the ideas discussed included subscription models, transaction-based revenue, and advertising.

Overall, the Rapyd-sponsored meetup hosted by CityJS was an excellent opportunity for developers to learn more about payments and fintech. The developers gained valuable insights into the importance of payments in the fintech industry, and they got to explore different payment solutions that they could use in their own projects. The meetup also provided a platform for developers to share their experiences and ideas and learn from each other.

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