Lots of declines with error ERROR_COMPLETE_PAYMENT

I keep getting a large amount of declines mainly from US/Canadian users with the error ’
ERROR_COMPLETE_PAYMENT’ I can’t find anything that confirms what the error message means, hoping someone may be able to confirm

Thanks @getrenewedtech, are you using solely the direct API for payments or are you using the Hosted Checkout Page?

Also what payment methods are being used? Depending on the payment method, are requests successful and the status is pending while the complete payment is creating an error or the request is creating an error?

There are errors listed under the Payment Object - Payment Errors.

The request tried to complete a card payment that was authorized and not yet captured, but this operation is not permitted. The request was rejected. Corrective action: Use ‘Capture Payment’.

I’m using the hosted checkout page (via the WooCommerce Plugin), all payments are via card the only ones that ever don’t go through are from US/Canada customers, never have an issue with UK customers.

I have noticed that even when it’s a US/Canada customer it always states ‘gb_visa_card’ under the payment method type I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the problem?

Thanks @getrenewedtech, yes, this may be the way WooCommerce Plugin generates the checkout page with the gb_visa_card in mind for UK customers vs. US customers (us_visa_card). I know if your business is registered in the US, you will not be able to sign up for WooCommerce with Rapyd. However currently checking in about accepting US customers with WooCommerce + Rapyd.

Currently, it may be customers who do not have international payments enabled on their cards.

Also, I wanted to confirm, you are fully approved with Rapyd?

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