June 2023 Rapyd Product Changelog:

SEPA Direct Debit in Hosted Pages, Checkout Toolkit call to action, and Client Portal improvements.

:studio_microphone: Kyle Pollock - DevRel at Rapyd

:hammer_and_wrench: Resources
:point_right: Developer Community https://community.rapyd.net/
:point_right: Download Postman Collection Postman
:point_right: Branding Settings in Client Portal Rapyd Client Portal
:point_right: Rapyd Changelog Rapyd Docs | Error
:point_right: Rapyd Checkout Toolkit Rapyd Docs | Error
:point_right: Toolkit Checkout Submit Payment Rapyd Docs | Error
:point_right: Developers Tab Rapyd Client Portal
:point_right: Client Portal Rapyd Client Portal
:point_right: OpenAPI Spec Postman

:rotating_light: Support
If you have a question, please feel free to reach out to our community at https://community.rapyd.net, or our support team at https://support.rapyd.net.

:mega: Feedback - short survey to help improve developer content https://forms.gle/eg285VbQeSNwwgyq9

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:open_book: Table of contents
0:00 Overview
00:05 SEPA Direct Debit in Hosted Pages
00:24 Hosted Subscription, Checkout Page, and Toolkit CTA
00:57 Hide Checkout Toolkit CTA
01:40 Client Portal Developer Tab
02:18 Recap & Outro

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