Is Crypto Fintech?

Curious what everyone thinks.


Absolutely. Not only does it make transactions faster, but also keep the transactions private. No third party involvement as well. But, volatility seems like a conundrum here. But again , stable coins like USDC, USDT etc. would do the job.

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Definitely, Crypto will rule the Fintech Industry in the coming future. Because of its origin rising from blockchain technology, it provides many positive aspects like fraud protection and creating a digital ledger. Though it has a negative impact on the environment still in the near future, it will be curbed and a holistic surrounding shall be established to move along in synergy.

Crypto is Fintech. But it needs to be separated from Blockchain. Blockchain is one (the first) way to do DTL (distributed ledger technology) but it isn’t the only way or the best way. The future in Crypto (and hence Fintech) lays definitively in distributing, decentralizing and disintermediating the Internet. When you do this you enable P-2-P (people-to-people) transactions without extractive fees so that more of the planet can be “banked” and participate. This is the holy grail, and there are innovative ways for forward thinking tech companies to earn a healthy profit in facilitating such a capability. Only then will the control over the digital economy be returned to the commons where it needs to be if we are to tackle systemic economic inequality world-wide. My hope is that companies like Rapyd will embrace the opportunity to be a socially-conscious (yet profitable) Fintech company and thereby differentiate themselves from all of the other payment infrastructure companies.

Rod da Silva

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I agree, I feel the two (crypto and fintech) get their wires crossed more often than not and I am in love personally with the DTL side – even though databases make my palms sweat. I am really impressed and excited for the future of ledger technology - I often think of crypto as the “digital pager” but the tech it is built on is still with us today right? Same goes for blockchain. Great comments and a long bright future head.

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One thing that threatens crypto is it being difficult to control on the government side of things. We will probably see the US Dollar become completely digital at some point, but you can bet Uncle Sam will want to keep control over those servers so that’s not fully decentralized like Bitcoin.

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I just thought this was cool :slight_smile:

I’m interested to see where partnerships form as Crypto AND Blockchain matures.

Rapyd is pleased to officially announce our partnership with @EverestDotOrg, a platform of digital tools empowering businesses to build the future. We look forward to everything we can achieve together!

— Rapyd (@RapydGlobal) April 28, 2022


We are thrilled to partner w/ Rapyd to accelerate fiat-in/out over low cost, local rails to the Everest ecosystem of stablecoins and financial services. With global reach, the partnership empowers users & institutions to easily access Everest from their local bank accounts

— Everest 🏔 (@EverestDotOrg) April 28, 2022
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I think crypto can be viewed as a kind of fintech. Many cryptocurrencies utilize the blockchain, a technology that acts as a public ledger to enable decentralized transactions approved by a community of users. Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies are often treated as an asset and are traded on unregulated exchanges. But both crypto and fintech leverage networks that expand financial services/opportunities to a wider group of people.


Yes I definitely Crypto could replace fintech with the blockchain infrastructure, I think DeFi applications are going to be the new fintech apps, whether the defi apps are called fintech apps or vice versa is for time to decide