How to start a FinTech company?

This is a very general question, but I was wondering if anyone has ever worked in an established or newly started startup, specifically in the FinTech industry. I don’t have a specific plan but would love to do something in that area, and I am wondering what I need to know, what steps I need to take, etc. Any information and tips would be appreciated!

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Thanks @shayanmhtb, this is a great question. I’d love to see others chime in on this as it can be very broad in determining what service you want to provide and what your niche is.

Here is a guide, our DevRel director, @Drew put together—Building a Fintech App: A Step-by-Step Guide

Also depeneding on where you are located or country you are doing business in, can vary and determine the type of fintech you may want to create based on the locally preferred payment methods.

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