Error with Decimal for .net

in the rapyd sandbox from .net using the model of its RapydApiRequest library, it does not accept decimals like 1980.00, I must pass it as an integer, how do I solve it?

Hello @Alonso_Martinez, welcome to the Rapyd Developer Community, were you able to solve this? Can you give us a screenshot of the code you are passing and the response or log file so someone can try and help you? Also, what API are you using of Rapyd?

Checking in again @Alonso_Martinez - here is a topic that may help.

Separately, here is a Note from Rapyd Docs:


  • Different languages handle Base-64 encoding differently. You must adequately test your code so that all messages are encoded with all the correct Base-64 options.
  • Python and JavaScript truncate the rightmost zeroes from decimal numbers (12.50 → 12.5), and convert decimals to integers when all digits to the right of the decimal are zero (12.00 → 12). This can sometimes cause issues with the calculation of the signature. If you use rightmost zeroes, you can avoid these problems by sending them as numeric strings instead of JSON numbers, for example, "12.50" or "12.00".
  • The body of a request must not contain any whitespace other than inside a string.
  • The value of a path parameter is a string without any quote marks (").
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