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I’m having problems when making a request of type POST in Java.

This is the way I analyze the body:

Gson gson = new Gson();
String bodyString = gson.toJson(address);

String to be encrypted for signature:

post/v1/addressesdvrbynoeyc1680606300rak_886832C4E8581C1604C2rsk_88f33b33fa5f45fb74c2902a180fe87423834672f1974c6d176bc706a392d79865e92f5a798c6b3a{“canton”:“”,“city”:“Anytown”,“country”:“US”,“district”:“”,“line_1”:“123 State Street”,“line_2”:“Apt. 34”,“line_3”:“”,“metadata”:{“merchant_defined”:true},“name”:“John Doe”,“phone_number”:“12125559999”,“state”:“NY”,“zip”:“12345”}

The JSON is valid (

Is Sandbox enviroment

Request URL:
Method: POST


401 Unauthorized: [{“status”:{“error_code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_API_CALL”,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“”,“response_code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_API_CALL”,“operation_id”:“72551f5d-7b3d-4781-a5c5-a05e6613438d”}}]

Any idea what I may be doing wrong?
I hope you can help me guys, thanks!

Hi @jcanare2

Regarding this specific error, it seems that you are sending a GET request, instead of a POST. That explains the UNAUTHORIZED_API_CALL error.

Your client is hitting:

request: GET/v1/addresses

You have to send a POST request as documented here:

Hope this helps!

Thanks, but, is not POST ?

Hi @jcanare2

Yes, that is the string to calculate the signature. Thats seems correct.

But the actual http request that you are sending to is as GET request. You have to send a POST request to create an address.

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Yes, indeed, it was the call

I leave it here in case it helps someone:

For Java Request Post Method:

HttpEntity<?> entity = new HttpEntity(bodyString, headers);
restTemplate.postForObject(urlPathLarge, entity, Response.class);

Thank you so much!