Can I give a prize I won to a family member?

I don’t care much for space but I know someone who does very much :slight_smile:


I guess you mean, “if you win”. You seem very optimistic about winning this. Not saying it’s a bad thing. I hope you are one of the three.:+1::crossed_fingers:

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When you win you can also cash out the trip, so you dont have to go to space.


One thing we are curious about as well is if anyone that wins the trip on the Space Perspective capsule would gift to their favorite science teacher or someone that had a positive influence on them. So many possibilities! Good questions.


There cannot be a better gift than that for a teacher from his/her student.

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a friend of mine who has entered this challenge is under 18, can they gift their prize to a family member?


You may want to consult #hack-the-galaxy:official-rules for eligibilty