C# api access error

using c# httpclient the error received is {“status”:{“error_code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_API_CALL”,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“”,“response_code”:“UNAUTHORIZED_API_CALL”,“operation_id”:“6896974b-27dc-4cf8-bc46-c3151c913276”}}

i have checked the headers, the signature, timestamp and all match Postman (which works!), i also tried running postman, copied the timestamp and salt from the request, used those in the c# request and got the identical signature so i know the sig hashing is fine, but still same error! very frustrating
calling /v1/data/countries so no body
any help would be appreciated


Thanks @globale, it looks like it is an unauthorized call, it may be more due to the endpoint, or base URI you are using. Yes, List Countries should work in Sandbox and Production.

Just confirming your base uri/url is
https://sandboxapi.rapyd.net/v1 or

Typically if this was an issue with the signature request or headers it would come up as an unauthenticated error (UNAUTHENTICATED_API_CALL).

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yes you need the hashed header data (api key and secret) in the request. I’ll show you how i do mine, I use dart not C++ though …