Are you ready for The Moment in Berlin?


I still didn’t receive the ticket for tonight, no one from my team too. Please assist


same for me, can you help me?

Thanks @radisic and @yngrid.coello, have you checked your spam folder? Also make sure it is the same email registered on the site as on here.

Yes, nothing there. Can you re-send or something

How long does it take to get the email?

Hello @Kyle,
I have the same issue and checked the spam folder (which was empty).
All the best,

Registred on wednesday, still No ticket. No spam filter enabled… So maybe its not for everyone?

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Same here already applied on Friday or so. Still nothing in Mail/Spam

Same for me, registered on Friday, no tickets yet. Can anyone assist here?

Unfortunatelly i also didnt get an email.

Can we please get 1 ticket :pray: My friend has one, and doesn’t want to go alone, so we need one more :grin:

Same problem :frowning: i checked spam

I’ve checked my spam folder multiple times and nothing there

Hi @Kyle , also didn’t receive an invite email, how can we be sure that we are invited ?

also have not received :frowning: all my friends yes

Yep same here I guess it will be an evening in the hotel room instead :frowning:

I wish I was there @drew enjoy Berlin !