Rapyd SWAG box

I was offered a Rapyd SWAG kit, I completed a form and never got any news back. This happened more than a month ago…
I feel robbed of my personal data.

I don’t care about the KIT anymore but I do care about my data. Probably too late to complain, still, that didn’t feel right at all.
Am I supposed to wait for MOSSAD to knock at my door or something now? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Hey there, will check on your swag kit - it takes time. Depend on where you live, etc. I will send you a DM to discuss. Again, we will figure out a way to get you your swag kit if the addresses match and a courier can reach you. There can be delays as we ship from US warehouse and only do orders a few times a month due to volume. Thanks for understanding.

Hi @Drew,

I’m trying to get a card_program for creating a virtual card but I’ve not gotten any feedback from the support and I don’t have client support account.

Also, Please how do I get a swag kit?

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Hi @Nnaemeka_Onukwube, once you create a Client Portal account. You should be able to submit a support ticket right within your Client Portal dashboard.

As far as a card program, check out this post, How to Issue a Card in Sandbox.

I have also messaged you about the swag kit.


Thank you @Kyle, My problem has been solved