Rapyd Bot - A Conversational UX on top of Rapyd API


@rapydbot is a Conversational User Experience designed for Telegram Messenger applications.

Using the Telegram Bot API, @rapydbot implements some of the Rapyd API’s features to allow any Telegram user to create a Rapyd e-wallet, top up its balance using their card, cash payment or a bank transfer, and use that money in a variety of ways to create innovative chat economies, all within the Telegram interface.

@rapydbot architecture does not limit itself to be integrated with other chat interfaces and applications such as WhatsApp.

@rapydbot fits inside the category of social payments applications, such as Venmo or WeChat.


  • Working Demo :robot:

  • Github repo at: aufacicenta/rapydbot

  • See more resources at DevPost > software/rapydbot

@rapydbot Production Demo: