Perkify - Business Subscriptions Made Easy

Perkify makes it easy for businesses to offer subscription services (Netflix, Spotify, etc) as a perk of the job. It’s a great low-cost way to help with recruitment and retention, as it creates employee appreciation far beyond the dollar cost of the subscriptions.

Perkify doesn’t require managers to maintain login credentials for their employees or create a VPN from which their employees can view their content. Instead, they can simply upload a list of their employees and set permissions from our intuitive dashboard. We take care of the rest.

Powered by Rapyd’s Wallet, Issuing, and Collect APIs, we issue a merchant-locked virtual credit card to each employee that they can use on their benefits. No need for employees to create a new account when they take a new job, or to delete it when they leave.

If you’d like your employer to pay for your Netflix, please upvote this post and send them our website!

This is a really interesting idea, one I think could really take off. I would honestly really appreciate if my employer did this.

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I think small perks like this is what really makes employees satisfied at their workplace (even though its only a few dozens of dollars a month). I this is a great idea.

I agree, I can see myself choosing one employer over another because of these sorts of perks, as well as the message it communicates to employees (that their happiness is important to the managers).

Love this idea! joined the waitlist, looking forward to your launch

Super cool I can’t believe this doesn’t exist already! There’s no reason for company reimbursements to be so difficult. I’m sure a lot of companies would find value in this.

Great idea! Most employees don’t use affiliated company benefits, because they are not intuitive to use and the majority aren’t needed by most people. These are benefits people would actually use and appreciate.

Wow! This seems like a really good way for works to increase moral.

This a really cool idea!

Very cool idea! Perks that are actually useful!

Idea is great! Good luck!