KyPay - a universal app with eWallet and shopping market

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Anyway just repost here perhaps it’s too late haha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

KyPay | Devpost - The KyPay app is my project for the Rapyd hackathon - it’s a universal app that currently consists of e-Wallet for easy payment and receiving money and a shopping market place for buyers and sellers with ease of checkout and payment all based on the Rapyd platform.

The project includes development work of building an iOS mobile app and a backend with REST API in PHP/MySQL stack. Thanks

Your Work is similar to Amazon Pay. Right?

Oh I’m not sure, I never used Amazon pay, or I don’t think it’s available in my country. When I explored more features on the Rapyd API then I had more ideas to add onto the project, such as the shopping and check out feature were just thought of and added just a few days before the deadline of the hackathon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh…checkout. Circuit 2 i guess?

It also uses more than two Rapyd API (Wallet, Collect & Disburse), so fit for circuit one too… :laughing:

And it depends on how you look at it, it can be a super app with more features added to it in the coming future with flexibility to expand, the feature of letting users be able to apply and become a seller selling things on it, shopping cart & checkout are one of the features… so it will also fit for circuit 3…

Currently, the main features are just e-Wallet and a shopping market place, I’ll add more features to it as a passion project such as messaging/chat capabilities and more etc

Oh…but while applying which circuit did you choose?

I really liked your project. One-stop solution to everything. You must have applied in circuit 2: Better Checkout Experience. Right?

Hi, thanks for the like and comments. Initially the plan was just making an e-Wallet from scratch by using the Rapyd wallet, collect and disburse API for wallet top-up, sending & receiving money and paying others by account number etc (e.g. billers are one of those types set up in my app’s backend )

But just about less than a week before the deadline of the hackathon, I was thinking that what else I could make use of more with the Rapyd API, I looked at the technical documentation about the split payment on the iOS side SDK Payments thus I got some idea - why not making a market place that some eligible app users could apply and become sellers and start selling things on it and the app should have a feature of shopping cart that a buyer can choose any items from any sellers and have one-stop checkout and one total payment and the payment will split accordingly to the sellers.

So, I quickly designed and coded a database backend and the REST API which got some sample sellers linked to certain users in the database and setup some sample items for each seller… But unfortunately, when coming to programming the iOS part the Rapyd API for splitting payments to wallet has been deprecated so I had to do my own coding for it… now the feature for split payment only works for wallet to wallets and the payment by other payment options (such as online banking and credit card), when buyer’s wallet is having insufficient amount, wasn’t completed before the deadline. But I’ll continue working on it during my free time later…

While I was working on this, I got some other work on-going as well, so after finishing some features but still having a number of unfinished features, so I decided to submit on the 7th. As I needed to get back and more focused with some of my office work. So, I submitted in Circuit 1 only as the initial plan working on a wallet app that uses at least two of the Rapyd API.

But after I’ve completed some of my office work and got back here again and was thinking that I could have submitted probably a circuit 2 and even a circuit 3?? But it already passed the deadline, I couldn’t amend anymore, haha, anyway it doesn’t matter in what circuit it is as I had fun with this project as a first timer for such an hackathon.

The imperfect & unfinished features, I’ll still continue working on during my free time as a passion project… such as the request money from multiple users, the shopping cart should have a feature letting users to choose a delivery address for each seller when adding to cart (this was a miss) and incorporating more features like chat/messaging, look into card issuing using Rapyd Issuing SDK and more…

Thanks anyway :pray: