KetoPay - a service like PayPal, but just much better

Mind you, it’s not just another payment service like PayPal. Check out how and be baffled.

First of all, if you want to send money across the world with absolutely 0% fees, come to us.
And if you want to put your savings to use and earn interests as high as 5% or even more, come to us. No bank in the US provides that as of yet.

We can achieve this through our unique business model.

What it does

Introducing KetoPay - a service like PayPal, but just better. You can send/receive money, to/from an email, from any part of the world, with no transaction fees. And, a wallet for storing money wherein you can earn interests as high as 5%. How cool is that?

How are we different from PayPal?

First of all, we charge no transaction fees whatsoever (for transactions more than $1000) and just 1% fees (for less than $1000), unlike PayPal, which charges up to 5.5% for cross border payments. Secondly, we give our users a wallet where they can store money and earn interests as high as 5%. So, a $100 deposit would amount to $105 in a month or even higher if the interest rate is high.

Check out our product and business model here :KetoPay - a service like PayPal, but just better. | Devpost

How we validated our business model in real life and succeeded

One of our clients had an outstanding payment of $2500. We asked him to pay us in USDT crypto, because USDT is a stable crypto coin He bought $2500 worth USDT crypto in the US exchange, amounting to 2500 USDT. He then transferred this to my wallet in India with a minor constant fee of $1, using TRC-20 method. (You should know that there are mainly two ways of transferring USDT – ERC-20 method and TRC-20 method. ERC charges a flat 40 USDT fee but TRC uses a flat 1 USDT fee. Hence, we used TRC method) So, I got 2499 USDT into my Indian crypto USDT wallet. I sold this for $1.10 each in my Indian crypto exchange. I received $2750 (2500*1.10 - ignoring 1 USDT fee for ease of calculations) in return- a mammoth $250 in profit. Wherein I was just to receive $2500, I received a sweet $2750. Had we used PayPal, we would have received only $2375, due to PayPal’s $125 fee. So, in conclusion: Our client bought 2500 USDT for $1 each from the US exchange like Binance, sent it to me, and I sold this 2500 USDT for $1.10 each in one of my Indian exchange, profiting $250. So, you see this business model works like a charm. Also, we have used the app Uphold for carrying this out. Buying USDT at a $1 price in the app, transferred to Indian wallet, selling it there for a profit. We discontinued this because many people told that Uphold closes account without reason and is unreliable for long term. So, we closed our account there since we did not want to lose our money.

To know more about our project and business model, check KetoPay - a service like PayPal, but just better. | Devpost

Check Out the Video Explanation of our Business Model Over Here!!!


Seems really cool! Hope you go to production.


If this truly works like you are saying, you guys are a genius. Anyway, i will test it out myself and update the reply for fellow watchers.


As chaurasia said, I sincerely hope you guys go to production. Would be a solution for so many cross-border payments. I hate PayPal tbh. C’mon Rapyd and KetoPay, rock the world!


As @chaurasia said, I sincerely hope you guys go into production. I hate PayPal tbh. Rapyd and KetoPay, please team up asap.


Team Rapyd? @drew @ariks , you seriously need to have a look at this. I just tried this method with a client before commenting .I never reply here, but this has forced me to. This actually worked and I made a good profit! Please help them go to production. We freelancers need these solutions asap so that we can avoid PayPal.


Thank you for the support! means a lot!

Thank you so much Derry!

Sure, test this out and let us know.

Team Rapyd ! Please have a look on this idea. I am also a freelancer from South - East Asian Country. The idea is phenomenal. Please team up with Ketopay. We need such Cross Border Payment web application.

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I checked the project on Devpost . It must come out in market according to me. Make Sure to integrate the security aspects. Activity of Wallet must be closely monitered , because it may lead to some fishy activities. All in All Idea seems pretty great. Will be a boon for the freelancers. Good Luck!

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I am a graphic designer from India. I have many clients in USA and Europe. It takes great pain in designing something from scratch and when the time comes for the payment, PayPal charges high transaction fee. My hard earned money, I pay to these tech giants. KetoPay must come into action. My full Support to @Om_Divyatej & @Nikhil_Pal .
At the same time, I will urge Rapyd to look into this matter.
Also please do look as one said above that wallet activities may exploit the arena. But I know that you guys must cover up these points when the work on Beta Version will start. All the Best!
( Team Rapyd , I would suggest to team up with Team KetoPay, who knows that you might be the next Payment Giant of the World.)


You guys need to work on the idea before taking it to production level. You are just taking the example of transactions which is carried out between USA and India. What procedure will you follow if someone has to send money from Australia to Spain? Is there any more stablecoin which can help you sustain your company if transaction is carried out in between these two countries without taking any transaction fee?
I understand that this is an innovative idea but must come up with a full proof plan.

No, I don’t think you understood the idea well. Suppose, someone from Australia wants to send money to Spain. Let’s say AUD. This AUD will be first be converted to USD and the same procedure would be carried out. Even after we take the currency exchange rate fees, we would still make a profit. And if we include a 1% transaction fee ( for <$1000), we would make even more. Thanks for the reply though.

Thank you for your reply. Let me explain you.
Suppose, you want to transfer 1000AUD from Australia to Spain.
Then, 1000AUD is equivalent to 627 EURO.
Let’s understand this in some steps:

  1. 1000 AUD will be converted and we, Ketopay will get those 1000 AUD in the form of USD. Hence, 1000AUD will give us 740.60 USD (as 1 AUD = 0.74 USD)

  2. We will purchase USDT of worth 740.60 USD , lets keep it 740 USD for easy calculation. 740 USD will give us 740 USDT. We will transfer these USDT in European Market.

  3. We will dump these USDT in European market.
    1 USDT in European Market lies in the value of between 0.80 to 0.95 Euros.
    Let’s take the average value of 0.9 Euros for 1 USDT .

    1 USDT = 0.9 EUR
    740 USDT = 666 Euro

and we have to pay 627 euros to the beneficiary in Spain.

Hence, Balance = 39 Euros.
But after deducting the Rapyd fee of 2% per transaction , which will be 25 Euros.
Hence, Profit = 14 Euros

I hope @gladiator your question is answered. Thanks for you reply.


Great idea and good implementation!


Damn nice! Innovative and a very unorthodox concept!! Keep it up

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Brilliant work…
.i loved the concept


Not usually comment but it is a very nice idea. I wonder you take inspirations from crypto arbitrage trading and Sam Bankman-Fried?

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