Intro - Yosun

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:world_map: where you’re based - San Francisco but travel frequently and can work from anywhere and everywhere
:building_construction: what you’re working on - a unicorn startup sufficiently advanced that it seems like magic
:magnet: what you would like to get out of the community - open to possibilities!
:partying_face: one fun fact about you! - i have a world traveling corgi, who is open for speaking opportunities … she also has several apps, the most ridiculous of which is
:link: a link to your social media I am currently taking a long break from social media, which gives me lots more free time for random projects and hackathons. My handle on most social media platforms that do not have a character minimum count is yosun - from linkedin to twitter and beyond.


Thanks @yosun! Glad to have you here. SF for the win! Yay! Sounds like you are doing some really cool stuff! Keep it up!