FFlow Ninja - Make complex financial applications, without using code

With FFLOW you can make complex financial applications, without using code. Instead, you represent your application in the same way you think about it, all this by using visual scripting.

FFlow Ninja is a service for creating financial flows that works by dragging and dropping blocks that describe the application in terms that make sense for humans. If you can draw your application on paper, chances are you can build it and deploy it with FFlow without writing a single line of code. When you are done designing your application, the FFlow engine takes care of running it in the cloud, supported by Rapyd’s API ( Collect, Wallets, and Disburse ). The user does not have to worry about all the nooks and crannies associated with creating a financial application, like concurrency, queues, security, idempotency, and many others, everything is handled by the FFlow engine.

All of that works as a standalone product (SAAS), or it can also be easily embedded inside another product that wants to give its users the ability to consume their services using visual scripting. Imagine this inside the Rapyd Client portal!

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Seems pretty cool. Which circuit have you applied for?

Thanks Om, I applyed to circuit 1

Whitepaper: FFlow white paper.pdf - Google Drive

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