Didn't see sand box to activate the account

i from malaysia why i still yet see icon sand box to activate the account?
or country from malaysia cant accept?

Hello @safry, and welcome to the community! :tada: You can see the doc here that shows supported countries.

Can you reply with a screenshot of what the dashboard looks like for you? You should see a toggle for Production and Sandbox modes in the top navigation on the right.

You can also see in my screenshot the top left the Activate Your Account.

Let us know if you still have concerns or if this solves your issue. @uxdrew



it still yet appear in dashboard
how get the sand box to active my account?
and this rapyd 2d without OTP gateway or 3d gateway

Hi there. Were you able to resolve this? Did you contact support@rapyd.net to get some feedback?

Until now i cannot activate my account in Rapyd no see sand box until now

Hi, Safry

I’m not sure what the problem is - but the sandbox is not relevant for activating your account. In the Client Portal, there’s a button for ‘activate my account’. Try that.

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