Client Portal Sandbox / Production Switch

Hi , I have the same issue here, but the proposed solution doesn’t work.

When I check the checkbox “sandbox”, it’s still “Production Credentials”

Not sure why, see gif below

Peek 2022-12-21 15-57

Thanks @Nicholas_Babu, I moved your post to a new topic since this is strictly talking about the Client Portal.

I am seeing the same thing so I have passed this on as a bug.

As far as the UNAUTHENTICATED_API_CALL, this has to do more with your headers and signature request.

If you have not set up your api keys in sandbox yet, you’ll have to wait till you are able to access them.

However, you can still make requests like List Countries or List Payment Methods By Country in Production.

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Yeah, I’m testing in sandbox, but I can’t get the sandbox keys, because it still remains as production (with production keys), even when sandbox is checked. I will be on the lookout for when the fix happens.

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