Challenge: The Mysterious Number

Problem Description:

  1. Objective: Write a function that accepts a single integer as input. The function should return True if the number is a multiple of 4 or ends with the digit 4, and False otherwise.
  2. Input: An integer, e.g., 16, 23, 34.
  3. Output: A boolean value (True or False).

The trick in this problem is to realize that a number can be a multiple of 4 without ending in 4 (like 8), and a number can end in 4 without being a multiple of 4 (like 14).

Sample Input and Output:

  • Input: 16, Output: True (since 16 is a multiple of 4)
  • Input: 14, Output: True (since 14 ends with 4)
  • Input: 10, Output: False (since 10 is neither a multiple of 4 nor ends with 4)

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